Most entrepreneurs daydream. Perhaps you are driving, taking a train out of town or strolling through the city, and you let your mind wander. You think about your life, the world, something funny that happened recently. You eventually get to ponder long-term plans for your business. Then, you notice something in a shop and think, “that’s cool” or “it would be better if...” Out of nowhere, you are struck by a great idea. In a whirlwind of imagination, you see yourself building a company and culture. Before you know it, you make the cover of Forbes, Fast Company, Wired... As a social entrepreneur, your vision also includes a profound social impact.

At this point, if you are have any experience starting a business, you quickly come back down to earth. You realize, for better or for worse, the practical challenges which must be overcome to execute your idea. If you have no experience, and especially if your passion is social enterprise, then you could be in trouble. One the other hand, we shouldn’t allow experience to choke off our inspirations.

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